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Transformation is not an easy process but if you commit to training HARD and eating CLEAN the results can be life changing; join us and lets take the next step together. Next step performance training draws from the many experiences of its creator Ivan Black. These cover the spectrum and include collegiate and semi pro baseball, strength training, and even yoga.

  • NSP 30-Day Experience (intro pricing)
    The assessment is the start point for your training. This is an opportunity to meet with your coach one on one and establish a baseline. We’ll get your numbers with the inbody scan and then perform a functional movement screen. You and your coach will gather all the information necessary to create your training plan. We will map out your training schedule, set goals, and implement simple sleep and nutrition and recovery techniques.

    As a new member of NSP, you get access to our NSP 30-Day Experiance that includes the following class types: 8 Semi-private training sessions ($250 Value) and Unlimited group sessions ($125 Value).

    All This For..
    / that's a $375 value (new members only)

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