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Getting started should be easy and stress-free. We invite you to come in for a free Fitness Assessment to help discover your full potential.

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For so many, beginning and staying committed to training program can be a huge challenge. When you can join a team that will encourage and motivate you and that can make all the difference. NSP seeks to help individuals of varying fitness levels find that place of encouragement and support so that they can get results. Contact NSP today to schedule a complimentary fitness assessment. 

We'd love to hear from you! Fill out the form and one of our Next Step Performance staff will be in touch with you to answer any and all of your questions right away.

  • NSP 30-Day Experience (intro pricing)
    The assessment is the start point for your training. This is an opportunity to meet with your coach one on one and establish a baseline. We’ll get your numbers with the inbody scan and then perform a functional movement screen. You and your coach will gather all the information necessary to create your training plan. We will map out your training schedule, set goals, and implement simple sleep and nutrition and recovery techniques.

    As a new member of NSP, you get access to our NSP 30-Day Experiance that includes the following class types: 8 Semi-private training sessions ($250 Value) and Unlimited group sessions ($125 Value).

    All This For..
    / that's a $375 value (new members only)

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