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At NSP we seek to provide a supportive and encouraging community of people that want to improve their fitness levels. People that have turned a question mark into a checked box. Life is coming at you from a lot of angles so its imperative to find support and motivation in pursuit of health and wellness. Whether you’re an athlete looking to get stronger and better conditioned for the upcoming season or you’re new to fitness and seek support and guidance, NSP can help!


Our Class Types

Small Group Fitness Training

team Training

Small group training is a fast paced full body workout that is best suited for intermediate to advanced athletes looking to train in a fun and encouraging environment. Simply put, this is just an efficient and effective way to get in shape and stay in shape. You will change your body and your mind.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-Private Training

Much like personal training, semi-private training provides individuals with personalized fitness routines. SPT best suits those with specific goals and or restrictions. We will build a custom routine to help you achieve your goals. SPT is great for everyone from beginner to advanced.

Private Fitness Training

Private Training

While most of the training at NSP takes place in a semi-private or group setting, we also offer personal training with our experienced trainer Ivan. These one-on-one training sessions are a good option for those who may want to avoid the crowd.


Located in the 1500 Building in scenic Midtown Harrisburg, NSP offers the kind of one-on-one attention typically reserved for big-city gyms and star athletes.

Our studio provides a friendly atmosphere, upbeat music, and an array of fitness toys in 2000 square feet of training space. When you train at NSP, you'll be sure to encounter medicine balls, suspension straps, dumbbells, and everyone’s favorite: the sledgehammer. These tools are a big part of the training philosophy. Personalized support along with creative program design will help you to build confidence and exceed your fitness goals — but more importantly, have fun.


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Next Step Performance About Ivan Black

Opening and running Next Step Performance is literally a dream come true!

This place is Ivan's brain child - a fusion of sports training, calisthenics, and HIIT. Ivan has been an athlete his entire life and has a passion for baseball, in particular, having played in high school, college and semi-professionally. He has been a fitness instructor in clubs such as Equinox in Manhattan & Vida Fitness in Washington D.C. That experience has culminated in the creation of Next Step. Ivan’s mission at Next Step is to help clients improve their lives, and promote a broader awareness of health and wellness throughout the Harrisburg area.

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