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At NSP we seek to provide a supportive and encouraging community of people that want to improve their fitness levels. People that have turned a question mark into a checked box. Life is coming at you from a lot of angles so its imperative to find support and motivation in pursuit of health and wellness. Whether you’re an athlete looking to get stronger and better conditioned for the upcoming season or you’re new to fitness and seek support and guidance, NSP can help!


Our Class Types

Harrisburg PA Small Group Fitness Training

team Training

Team Training is a full body interval workout that combines strength and conditioning into 55 minutes. This is the perfect workout for a variety of fitness levels - beginners and advanced athletes, alike, will be challenged at their unique pace. Simply put, this is a highly efficient and safe way to get in shape and stay in shape.

Harrisburg PA Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-Private Training

Much like personal training, semi-private training provides members with an individualized training program. We’ll get started with a movement assessment before building your custom program to help you on the way to achieving your goals. This makes Semi Private Training a great option for people with specific goals and or restrictions. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, SPT is right for you!

Harrisburg PA Private Fitness Training

Private Training

While most of the training at NSP takes place in a semi-private or group setting, we also offer personal training with our experienced trainer Ivan. These one-on-one training sessions are a good option for those who are looking to avoid the crowd (Available 9am - 4pm Mon - Fri)


Located in the 1500 Building in scenic Midtown Harrisburg, NSP offers a world class fitness experience in a friendly, fun and encouraging environment.

NSP is a results-oriented fitness studio that combines cardio and strength training to reduce fat, build muscle and generally move better.  Our classes are designed by Ivan Black, a certified  professional trainer, and designed to help individuals of all fitness levels improve their health and reach their individual fitness goals.  Each full body workout utilizes a variety of fitness tools to keep workouts fresh, including Suspension Trainers, SkiErgs, Battle Ropes, Versaclimbers, Echo Bikes, Kettlebells and more.  Workouts are progressive and can be modified so beginners can make it through the workouts and advanced athletes will be challenged.  Not only will you see the results you will feel the results.  Start your free trial today!


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Next Step Performance About Ivan Black

“Opening and running Next Step Performance is literally a dream come true!”

As a former athlete, I know that I need to train regularly for my overall health and wellness. But, at times, I have struggled to get to the gym and am not always motivated when I get there. Thinking back to times when I was most consistent with my training, I realize it was when I was on a team. I thrived having that camaraderie and the accountability that comes with it. When I created Next Step Performance, that was the driving force. I have a passion for group fitness because it’s been the missing link for me. And, what I have found out, is that I’m not the only one who thrives in a supportive, team-like environment.

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